HR Consulting

Organizational Design:

OD consulting includes a variety of services such as business process improvement, strategic planning facilitation, skills training, change management, and leadership development consulting. With OD consulting, we develop strategies for reorienting management behaviors to improve performance. As part of looking at how to improve a corporate culture, we focus on what’s working and what’s not, what does the company need to be doing, and why are people not doing it. We evaluate relationships, feelings, attitudes, group norms, perceptions, and communications, but also call on sound management techniques gleaned from decades of experience. Often, our goals include helping management flatten their organizations, get non-performers back on track, and empower groups to be more efficient and collaborative.

Our OD consultants partner with you to accomplish this by assessing your company, then designing and delivering interventions that focus on how you do business, using behavioral science knowledge, HR expertise, and line management wisdom. OD consultants provide training and development, process improvement, reorganizations, and executive coaching, as needed.

Organization Restructuring:

      Helping companies strategically think through and successfully execute their restructuring plans is an added strength of Sukhvarsha Management Services human resource consulting team. Whether your challenge is to reduce your workforce by 10% or dramatically change how your company functions on a global basis, there are a number of related issues that must be addressed in order to maximize the positive outcomes of the restructuring, and limit any problems arising.We address the business strategy, the business environment, the market, appropriate laws, and potential bottom line savings. What is the business problem you hope to solve through the restructuring? What will success look like? What are the major organizational and cultural issues? Determining an appropriate system, key communications issues, helping employees survive restructuring, and making change a positive experience for both the company and the employee is an essential part of our practice.